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Monster Behind the Mask

Ken Pinkstaff was The Monster Behind The Mask
RIP we know the real story...

In a courtroom that had been very noisy only moments before - now sudden complete silence.
I stood in front of the Judge to give my Victim's Statement. I had the attention of the attorneys, public and prisoners seated in the jury box. I was given the option of reading it in open court or having it filed with my case. I swore no matter how hard it would be to give it in public - I would give my own statement.

I was told by my District Attorney that in the years of practice, she had never heard a Judge validate a victim as this Judge did.

You have done it again... 2 more victims
You hit an all-time low. Your mistress/girlfriend suffered the same fate.
You have shown your pathological intent to harm and that will never change.
Your entire life has been one delusional lie after another.
You were literally incapable of loving your children.
You viewed every act of independence as a threat and met each of their accomplishments
in life with jealously.

You proved the 52 week Batters Program ordered by the court was a total waste of your time and the courts. Not to mention the reaction of your "Life Coach" when she learned the truth.

So you professed to not know where your victim was. I had lived at that address with you for more than 27 years. Remember that question on the paperwork? Of course, you take the easy way out.

Had this Program known what you had done to me -you would have been passed on to another agency until one had to accept you. Now those involved know and have seen the truth.

All Public Knowledge and Access

This is only the first chapter –
For all those Ghost Writers that have approached me - it's time to talk.

Open Access to Public Court Documents
See some of the pictures and read my Victim's Statement word for word below

This is your legacy – The Monster Behind the Mask

Ken Pinkstaff
Kenneth David Pinkstaff
Ken David
Kenneth Pinkstaff
Gunner Slinger
Ken David S.
Ken Slinger

Whatever you choose to call yourself – there is no hiding.
You change names to hide from your violent and abusive past.

Your grandiose sense of self-importance, exaggerated achievements, fantasies of unlimited success, and your so-called talent will mean nothing when you are deaf and blind. Face it - you are getting old and it shows.

So you don’t think that he is a narcissist? Nor did I. Over 32 years I did have my suspicions. Now with so many years of firsthand experience and years of study, I now think otherwise. Why do you think you may be better qualified than I to call it?

If you think exposing an abuser is distasteful, imagine what it must be like to be on the receiving end of their abuse. If only the walls could talk ...

If you or a loved one of yours was being abused, would you do anything to stop it? Would you want it to cease?

You claim to have been the one who found "my cat" in your pathetic video. Think again- Pinky was mine before you even came into the picture. Did you forget you also ran him over???
I took care of him so he wouldn't be left to die.

I was in the same bed each night with the devil himself. I have never been so close to pure evil and there is no forgiveness for evil. In an instant, the look in your cold, black evil eyes before you beat me made it devastatingly clear... I meant nothing to you at all.

I addressed the abuse of our children and animals in an open courtroom twice. They are a major part of the reason I read my victim's statement in an open courtroom. You didn't even bother to show up to two of the hearings dates that were clear on the papers the sheriff served you with. You are truly a coward. Nothing in life is more destructive than an NPD parent. Not even drugs when you are a kid in an insane household. There’s no forgiving the heinous and abhorrent treatment we received.
You will treat the next victims with FAKE kindness and lies to cover-up your past. You are so adept at deceit that there is no way to tell what the truth is. You have the need to dominate, control and manipulate your victims. If you need a fresh supply— you will hunt your next victim on Social Media. You are a Facebook predator.

Your addiction to porn and the porn I found on your YouTube searches made me sick to my stomach.
According to psychologists, therapists and neuroscientists, narcissists can never change
You are so desperate you choose to live off your victims and don’t have the mental ability to deal with the consequences of what you have done.
You will say it is all a lie… but there are too many witnesses,too many photos including the police photos and legal documents. Why do you think your bail was $50000?

Ken, as a narcissist you have suddenly become extremely religious in your old age… because you think by being religious; you may be able to ward off any accountability after you die.
There is nothing Godly about you.
One trait of a narcissist is the ability to mirror the behaviors of people. But because these people lack empathy or emotion, it would be very difficult to believe a narcissistic sociopath could be a genuine, God-fearing, accepting Christian. You mimic behaviors of a Christian and look and acts Godly but in reality, you are only going through the motions, devoid of any emotion either Christian or, sacrifice, compassion, empathy, etc.

I witnessed your vile comments about God, anti-Semitism, racist and religion first hand.

In December of 2011- after a year-long affair you told your 23-year-old mistress that you had made your peace with God and believed that God was okay with everything you had done to me. I guess this would be the "God Defense" You couldn’t be more wrong.
I have spoken to several women from FB and Linkedin and have copies of emails and texts exchanged between you and these women - including the nude photos…
It took me three days to read everything. These women had contacted me, I did not go looking.

I NEVER asked this man for ANYTHING other than to be faithful and to honor your vows.
I was the ONLY person in your life that cared.

I finally called game over. I kissed my demons goodbye. I awaited the arrival of my angels. I realized that they never departed. I am grateful to have survived.

As I stated in court - I will not keep silent when it pertains to Domestic Violence and Narcissistic abuse as silence only encourages the tormentor. You are the ultimate tormentor.
I will ALWAYS use my real name and his when giving interviews, speeches, TV appearances and in any public forum.
What I do have control over, is helping victims alike and raising awareness. To do my part to try and limit the suffering of others.

Arrested on June 6th, 2018 for Corporal Injury Spousal Abuse

Sentenced on November 6th, 2018
2 restraining orders issued – one in the Federal database

Type in Kenneth, Pinkstaff

But there is so much more to this story…
Ask the woman that was married to this narcissist for 32 years
Ask his children about his abuse
You bullied them, humiliated them, and lied to our children. You showed them that they did not and do not to this day matter to you. Do you not think that physical and psychological abuse hurts children?? Do you wonder why they have such disdain for you? They are the victims, not you.

He abused the animals
He is a Facebook Predator – and on LinkedIn.
a pathological liar and so much more
A few pictures from the ER on the night of June 5th, 2018
and there are many more.
You fractured my foot and spine on June 5th - your beating was relentless.
Victim’s statement read in open court November 6th 2018

Statement in full as read into the court record below the pictures

These photos don't lie - and there are many more

The Antique Cane You Beat Me With

My Victim's Statement November 6th 2018

I thank the court and I appreciate the opportunity given to me to speak today.
My name is Patricia Pinkstaff and I have been the wife of Kenneth David Pinkstaff for 32 years.

I am here today not only for myself but also for my children.
Without their support and my good friends, I would not be here giving my statement.

I will keep telling my story, and never ever give up. I Will Not keep silent when it pertains to Domestic Violence and Narcissistic abuse as silence only encourages the tormentor.

There is so much more to this story than I can tell today. You don’t put 32 years of abuse on a few sheets of paper.

32 years ago I found Ken in the gutter – a drug addict and alcoholic and for those 32 years I kept him out of that gutter and now I return him to the gutter and the filth he so chooses.

To live with a narcissist for 32 years is beyond comprehension. Hell does not come close to describing my life.
Fear is one of the most powerful tools that exist to facilitate control over somebody.
The unknown and the unseen create fear. It is so devastatingly effective in controlling a victim. It creates such numbing fear.
For my daughter, I am truly sorry I stayed with this monster.

Ken controlled every aspect of my life. What I wore, what I watched on TV and for how long, limited my number of friends, no social media unless I was working on his accounts, how long I could spend at the store, cut me off from my family, I quit going to church. It is all about his power and control. I was lied to, threatened, triangulated with others, I was his main narcissist supply for so many years until he needed more. It wasn’t the lack of sex - he needed more fuel, craved more women to give him the attention and the adulation he was seeking. I was being discarded like I was nothing. I was raised with morals and empathy and I honored my vows and what my wedding ring stood for.

In the eyes of the court, this is Ken’s first offense only because I failed to report the countless other beating and I so regret this.
It’s not the first time, the second time or even the 3rd time –I have lost track over 32 years of all the physical, mental, and emotional abuse he has inflicted not only on me but our children and abuse to my animals.


Ken refused to put me on the title of the house, boat, cars, business account (now for which I am grateful as he has overdrawn it by more than $800.) The bank has taken and closed out the small saving accounts my children had under his name. He has always been financially irresponsible. Every cent of my paycheck had to go to pay the bills and to feed us.
He accused me of stealing money over and over until I went line by line over the bank statement with him to show him what he spent. If I had been stealing money I would not have been wearing pre-owned clothes and $10 shoes.
I have no credit as everything is in his name. Every bill I paid and always on time went toward his credit.

Ken has called me every vile name possible, I was belittled, called one of his staff when people asked who managed his web pages and social media. Again he was in control.

The beatings were violent, I was thrown against walls, doors, furniture, thrown to the floor and repeatedly kicked until I wasn’t just black and blue but black and bloody. I was hit so hard from behind in the side of the head that I lost my hearing in my right ear for more than a month. One night Ken beat me while I slept.

Ken would tell me I should be glad he didn’t have a gun and several times that he was going to slit my throat.
I found my 8in kitchen knife in the bed frame on his side.

He knew every step of the way exactly what he was doing. He had complete control. The physical, mental, and emotional abuse fed him the fuel he needs. The more pain he caused me more he was satisfied and in control. Ken accused me of the very crime that he himself has committed many times and that was cheating.

He verbally abused our children especially when they were trying to defend me. He destroyed things that he knew meant a lot to me. Gifts that were given to me by my children that cannot be replaced. Antique pieces family heirlooms a 24inch Native American bowl and the list goes on and on.

The night of June 5th, 2018

This was it - this was my game over.

It was denial and acceptance

At this time I knew I was hurt and not the usual bruises. I got up and moved to the kitchen to get ice for my hand. He asked me what I was doing and I looked at him and said do you see my hand? It was already turning purple and swelling. He turned and walked down the hall and at that moment I realized that if I didn’t get out he was going to kill me. All I could think of were my kids and animals. I grabbed my purse and phone and ran for the front door as he was coming after me. I ran next door and pounded on the door hoping that someone would answer…And they did. I called the same friend that had sat in the police station parking lot with me earlier to take me to the ER. From the ER I sent my son who was at the time in Africa the pictures of my hand and arm telling him that his father had beat me again but this time was the last. They say you need a plan of escape – I had no plan but I knew I wanted to stay alive to see my kids, grandkids and my animals.

The fracture in my foot, the fracture in my spine and scars on my arm serve as a fresh reminder of that night.

I stood beside this man while he went to rehab hoping he could make something of himself
I sat in the ER all night 7 months pregnant with him when he suffered pancreatitis
I sat in the truck outside in the cold with a newborn because he couldn’t take her crying.
I cried when I couldn’t pick up my little ones for weeks because he had injured my ribs.
I took care of him day and night when he had major knee surgery 2 years ago so he could walk.
I gave him chances over and over to make things right –to get help but he ignored me
My insurance was there for him and still is until I retire but that maybe sooner than later.

Maybe Ken will wish he had a loving wife and children to take care of him as he grows older and cannot hear or walk or need his diaper changed. Someone not to shove him in a corner and left to die alone. maybe he won’t care. 80% of narcissists develop dementia.

As I said, in the beginning, there is so much more to this story than I can tell today

I am once again the Woman I was before I met Ken.

I have reconnected will my brothers, sisters, cousins, nieces, and nephews. They have been out of my life for far too long.
To me family is everything.

Again I thank the court for allowing me to break my silence.

Thank you, your Honor,

Narcissists should be treated the same as a pedophile, a website you can go on that lists the names convicted. These narcs carry on through life destroying people's lives and they absolutely love it.
I wish more people would understand about NPD abuse is that it is excruciatingly tragic with the insidious damage an NPD does to a person and children and the destruction goes all the way down to your soul.

FVI18002277 | The People of the State of California vs. Kenneth David Pinkstaff
Case Number
Victorville Criminal
Judicial Officer
Lee, Corey G
File Date
Case Type

Superior Court of California - County of San Bernardino

Case Information
FVI18002277 | The People of the State of California vs. Kenneth David Pinkstaff
Case Number
Victorville Criminal
Judicial Officer
Lee, Corey G
File Date
Case Type
The People of the State of California

Pinkstaff, Kenneth David
Active Attorneys
Lead Attorney
Public Defender
Bonding Company (Participant)

Bond Insurance Company (Participant)
Pinkstaff, Kenneth David
Description Statute Level Date
001 PC273.5(A)-M: Inflict Corporal Injury on Spouse/Cohabitant 273.5(A) Misdemeanor 06/05/2018

Bond Type Bond Number Bond Amount Current Bond Status
Surety Bond FCS100-1866606 $50,000.00 Exonerated
Disposition Events
08/21/2018 Plea
Judicial Officer
Raphael, Tony

001 PC273.5(A)-F: Inflict Corporal Injury on Spouse/Cohabitant Not Guilty

11/06/2018 Plea
Judicial Officer
Lee, Corey G

001 PC273.5(A)-M: Inflict Corporal Injury on Spouse/Cohabitant No Contest

11/06/2018 Disposition
Judicial Officer
Lee, Corey G

001 PC273.5(A)-M: Inflict Corporal Injury on Spouse/Cohabitant Convicted - Plea

11/06/2018 Misdemeanor Probation

001 PC273.5(A)-M: Inflict Corporal Injury on Spouse/Cohabitant Misdemeanor Probation
Complete a Domestic Violence Batterers Program (52 weeks).
Order Date: 11/06/2018
Enroll by Date: 12/01/2018
Complete By: 02/01/2020
Comment: Defendant to receive credit for any Batterer's Treatment Program completed thus far. Classes may be completed monthly.
Type: Summary Probation (Court)
Start Date: 11/06/2018
Term: 3 Years
End Date: 11/05/2021
Status Date Comment
Active 11/06/2018

Events and Hearings

• 06/13/2018 Bail Bond Filed
• 08/14/2018 eFiling - Initial Filing
• 08/21/2018 Arraignment
• **Portal Minute Order
Judicial Officer
Lee, Corey G
Hearing Time
8:30 AM
• 08/21/2018 Defendant Arraigned on Complaint
• 08/21/2018 10th Day:
• 08/21/2018 Bail remains as previously set
at $50,000.00
• 08/21/2018 District Attorney Notified
• 08/21/2018 Public Defender Notified
• 08/21/2018 Advisement of Rights filed
• 08/29/2018 Pre-Preliminary Hearing
• **Portal Minute Order
Judicial Officer
Lee, Corey G
Hearing Time
8:30 AM
• 08/29/2018 Time waived to:
• 08/29/2018 Waives right to prelim within 60 calendar days under PC859b
• 09/04/2018 Preliminary Hearing
Judicial Officer
Lee, Corey G
Hearing Time
8:30 AM
Cancel Reason
• 09/10/2018 Dispo / Reset
• **Portal Minute Order
Judicial Officer
Lee, Corey G
Hearing Time
8:30 AM
• 09/10/2018 Defendant waives time for Preliminary Hearing to:
• 09/10/2018 Criminal Protective Order Issued/Filed
• 09/10/2018 Restraining Orders Entered Into CLETS
• 09/11/2018 Correction made to CLETS database
• 11/06/2018 Dispo / Reset
• **Portal Minute Order
Judicial Officer
Lee, Corey G
Hearing Time
8:30 AM
• 11/06/2018 Plea Bargain Agreement Filed
• 11/06/2018 Tahl Waiver filed
• 11/06/2018 Arrested and Released on Own Recognizance - $25.00 Admin Fee
• 11/06/2018 Defendant Requests Payment Plan (+$35.00)
• 11/06/2018 Appointed counsel fees ordered paid to Central Collections:
• 11/06/2018 Referred to Probation - PC29810
Report due by 11/19/2018
• 11/06/2018 Bail Bond Exonerated
• 11/06/2018 Court finds defendant stated that they DO NOT own firearms
• 11/06/2018 Probation Officer Notified
• 11/06/2018 Conviction Certified By Clerk of the Court
• 11/06/2018 Defense Counsel Concurred in Defendants Plea or Admission
• 11/06/2018 Defendant Waived Privilege Against Compulsory Self-Incrimina
• 11/06/2018 Defendant advised of Charges and Direct Consequences of Plea
• 11/06/2018 Court Found Plea Was Knowledgeable, Intelligently Made,
• 11/06/2018 Defendant Waived Right to Confront And Cross Examine Witness
• 11/06/2018 Defendant Waived Right to Trial by Jury
• 11/19/2018 Proof of Enrollment filed
52 week DV classes enrollment/ progress report

Pinkstaff, Kenneth David
Total Financial Assessment
Total Payments and Credits

11/6/2018 Transaction Assessment $25.00
11/6/2018 Transaction Assessment $35.00
11/6/2018 Transaction Assessment $1,020.00

More Arrest Records

For all you narcs out there, this is how it ends. I know, because I’ve seen it. When you’re young, you can do anything—you’re charming after all. And then age happens— you’re not even close to cute, your hearing goes, all the people who’ve known you over the years have finally seen who you truly are and have left your life. You try to surround yourself with new friends and lovers, but as people get older, they get smarter and they’ve seen your type before. People get sick of you whining about your ex, your parents, and how everyone else in your life has done you wrong. As people age, they’re no longer naive, your words don’t match your actions and they have no tolerance for peacocks and liars. It lasts a little longer if you have money, but most of you have been through several divorces and don’t really have anything of value left because you have no self-control. Your finances are in the hole. There’s nobody that actually loves you anymore. No one that cares one whit about what you have to say because they know it’s a lie. No one that even feels sorry for you anymore because you’re pathetic. Your kids don’t see you anymore and your family has ostracized you. It’s been years since anyone has asked you to do anything with them out of a feeling of wanting you there if your family still asks you to gatherings it’s only out of a feeling of obligation. They don’t really want you to come. And as you get sicker and sicker, from cancer, or drinking, or just being you—people stop even calling to see how you are. Because you see, we’re happy to see you gone. And on the day you die, when you’re lying there without your children or your family around you because no one cares all you have left is your “pride.” Which is worth exactly $0. But luckily for the people who tried to care for you during your life, they won’t care, because they’ve moved on. You’ll probably be cremated because that’s cheapest and then if anyone even picks up your ashes, they’ll probably throw them in the garbage because that’s where all rotten, worthless things go. But that’s not the worst, because now you have to deal with the afterlife—and you know what they say— “Pride goeth before a fall.” And Ken, there’s no chance you’re not gonna fall.



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