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Slinger band is releasing 30 songs and videos worl[read more ...]
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02 Jan : 11:37

Re: Merry Christmas 2014 !
And Merry Christmas to you Murf!Jim
Posted by warchilin66
25 Dec : 19:34

Merry Christmas 2014 !
Just want to wish everyone here a very Merry Chris[read more ...]
Posted by John Murf
25 Dec : 12:34

Outsource to us Artist Development Music publisher[read more ...]
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03 Dec : 10:34

Re: A New Beginning on This Thanksgiving!
Hello John,Welcome to the site.Jim
Posted by warchilin66
29 Nov : 14:46

A New Beginning on This Thanksgiving!
Hey Fellow Members of!My name is J[read more ...]
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28 Nov : 11:40

US Navy ready to support EFT-
US Navy ready to support EFT-1 Orion’s splashdownN[read more ...]
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23 Nov : 11:22

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»North Korea applauds 'knife attack of justice'
A man opposed to the joint South Korea-U.S. military drills attacked the American ambassador in Seou ...
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The suspect behind the knife attack on the American ambassador to South Korea had a long, troubled h ...
»Opinion: Shocking reminder of Korea tensions
The attack on Mark Lippert, the U.S. ambassador to South Korea, allegedly by a knife-wielding Korean ...
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Boston Marathon bombing survivor Rebekah Gregory, who lost her leg in the April 15, 2013, attack, sa ...
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The photographs released by ISIS in its stronghold of Raqqa are dated March 2015. The first ones sho ...
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Clinton is under the deepest scrutiny she's faced since leaving government amid revelations that she ...
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It's not quite from sea to shining sea, but the latest winter storm gets an "A" for effort (or is th ...
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A bus driver in Michigan says he fell asleep at the wheel, and woke as he crashed into a line of car ...
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Archaeologists searching for a lost city in the jungles of Honduras have discovered the urban remain ...
»Ferguson: Who's accountable?
A new Justice Department report on Ferguson's police and courts could not be more clear: Change is n ...
»'Seinfeld' actor dies
Daniel von Bargen, the talented character actor perhaps best known for playing George Costanza's imb ...
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Ben Carson says homosexuality is a choice because many people "go into prison straight -- and when t ...
»Iran: No threat from nuclear deal
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his supporters are trying to create "an atmosphere of ...
»Feds: Lots of U.S. kids want to join ISIS
The FBI/Department of Homeland Security sent a joint warning to law enforcement across the country a ...
»Dog found shot, bleeding, tied to railroad tracks
Cabela's not a cat, but the young pit bull mix apparently had a few lives to spare.
»Petco worker fired after vid of rough grooming
A Petco employee has been fired after a viral video appears to show the worker "roughing up" one of ...
»Bees are disappearing, but you can help
Bees might bring out a stinging sensation of fear in some, but the little critters play a vital role ...
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China says its military budget will increase by 10.1% in 2015, the latest in a series of double-digi ...
»Navy's new crew: 'The Three Presidents'
»NYC public schools to have Muslim holidays off
New York City public schools will now observe two Muslim holidays, officials announced Wednesday, ma ...
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Every time a snowstorm bears down on Danbury, Connecticut -- which has happened a lot this winter -- ...
»New video of Boston bombing shown to jurors
On the first day of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's trial, jurors saw new surveillance video of the Boston Marat ...
»Dad tracks daughter's cyberbullies, gets justice
Former Boston Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling tracked down the people that cyberbullied his daughter ...
»NTSB may take new look at Buddy Holly crash
»Oldest known jawbone from human genus found
With the discovery of a gray, fossilized jawbone in a remote corner of Ethiopia, a student at Arizon ...
»Why the clock is ticking on this beautiful lake
The sun cuts across Lake Nicaragua, casting shadows across lush flora and brightly colored boats. ...
»Opinion: Dress isn't only allusion in Clinton portrait
Artists who take risks always risk a backlash.
»Darwin's paradise is disappearing
They inspired Darwin's Theory of Evolution, now the animals of the Galapagos Islands are being threa ...
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The cost of living is so high in Silicon Valley, California, that parents can work full time -- and ...
»'Unparalleled': Charles Moore's photos of the civil rights movement
»'Commodity City': A shopper's paradise
»Is this the best senior class prank ever?
A high school student organized a prank where the principal held a bucket as students dropped thank ...
»Welcome to Japan's 'Cat Island'
Cats vastly outnumber the human population on the Japanese island of Tashirojima. CNN's Zain Asher a ...
»Weir: Cannibals, a volcano and a god named John
»Wonder in Vanuatu
»Watch the full premiere episode
In the premiere episode of The Wonder List, Bill Weir travels to Vanuatu and discovers a world divid ...
»Paul Allen: I found a battleship
»100s of skeletons found in Paris
Workers digging underneath a Paris supermarket have made an unsettling discovery: as many as 200 ske ...
»Was $4.8 million gold heist an inside job?
Gold bars. Each weighed between 25 and 27 pounds, together about 275 pounds. The bars' total weight ...
»Parents arrested for not vaccinating children
Police have arrested more than 500 parents in and around the northwestern Pakistani city of Peshawar ...
»Michelle Rodriguez on that white 'superhero thing'
Actress Michelle Rodriguez challenged racial minorities in Hollywood to "develop their own mythology ...
»Five things you didn't know about Jesus
»Bride-to-be stunned by generous stranger
Liz Jensen was surprised after a bridal store owner in Utah told her that an anonymous stranger paid ...
»Putin critics who turned up dead
Slain Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov isn't the first critic of President Vladimir Putin to ...
»Gadget tells you what's in food ... and your pot
Have you ever asked yourself, "How many calories are on my plate?" With the help of a new technology ...
»Is 50 the new 40 for motherhood?
»What has Taco Bell created with Cap'n Crunch?
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England footballer Adam Johnson has been suspended by his club Sunderland until a police investigati ...
»Longest-serving female senator to retire

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